Russell M. Stendal
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What are our ways? They are man’s ways of doing things. What does the LORD want? He wants us to do things His way. What is His way? His way is that we go up to the mountain. The LORD is speaking of the mount of His holiness, a “mountain” where everything is done exclusively for Him.The work of the hands of the natural man does not receive God’s blessing, even when they are doing things for God. God’s blessing is like the rain, and when there is no rain, when there is no blessing from God; there is only desert. This is true in the spiritual as well as in the natural. We live in a time of a lot of movement, a flurry of activity and of “works.” And each pastor speaks of the “work” that they are doing, of how many sheep they congregate in their work and how many pay their tithe, etc. For the LORD, many of these “works” are not His house, because it is man’s ...
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