T.B. Giboney
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 321

The search for Singularity - the joining of humans and super computers - may give a solution to the world's greatest plague, eternal life but no new life, no babies, but it will come with a choice: Earth or the Stars. In tomorrow’s world, people can live forever but this paradise has a price: No new life! The world suffers a pandemic as almost all babies are born as Shell Births, perfect in every way but without life. Shock and sorrow turned to violence. Women tried anything and everything to avoid a Shell Birth without success, resulting in mass suicides of women. Humanity accepts its fate saying “Life Is Good” to put from is memory that The Angel of Death wears a baby’s face.Two women try to solve Shell Births but they encounter moral quandaries and ambiguities as they try to resolve the collision among designer DNA medicine, the all-knowing Computer and a static society. ...
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