Fred Schäfer
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 78

This novella covers two genres, fiction and nonfiction. An elderly man, Tony, with American, German and Australian nationalities, tells his story: how he receives a wedding invitation from a former girlfriend that he hadn’t seen and heard of for decades. This invitation creates emotional upheaval in his life, but also turns his life into a massive challenge. His former girlfriend sends him a photo of herself. She looks beautiful and sexy. He contemplates attending the wedding. But first he has to lose fifty five pounds, that’s twenty five kilograms. That’s how he sees it. He not only wants to attend the wedding, he also wants to make love to his former girlfriend, just once more.At this point the nonfiction part of the story kicks in. Tony tells the reader how he goes about trying to change himself from an old, fat, ugly and sick looking man into a young looking, slim, handsome ...
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