Israel Cartaya
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Pages: 472

Cuba, the '70s. Rosa raises her son Sonny hidden away in her house in Placetas, convinced that she is the wife of God and that His return to this world is imminent.When she is taken into hospital, Sonny is forced to leave the house, causing quite a commotion among his neighbors. The boy doesn't understand a thing. For the first time in his sixteen years he finds himself alone and helpless, exposed to the crude reality of a world that is now being revealed to him in all its glory.Small provincial towns, palm-hut villages, juvenile centers for difficult youths, hospitals. A bittersweet journey through rural Cuba at the height of the Castro regime, lived through the innocence of someone discovering everything for the first time.History, romance, bullying, suspense, sabotage and murder. Madness or the Voice of God?
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