C.B. Salem
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 170

Chicago. 2046.The pharma boom revealed a new ocean of possibilities. Precision mood changes from the molecules in the air of a building. Perfect recall with an IV in the arm. A new power to fight over. When enigmatic pharma billionaire Landon Tatum, the face of the boom, goes missing, the partners at the law firm of Dunn-Brantley tap firm investigator Kristina Andersen to find him according to a secret protocol drafted in case of just such a disappearance. Shortly into her investigation, a strange case for Kristina gets even stranger. She’s been drugged, and now she is hallucinating so that every man she sees has the face of the man she’s searching for. As she descends into a world where she can't trust her senses, she realizes whoever is after Tatum is after her too, and they're both in something bigger than they understand.She needs to find him. The real him.Then she needs to ...
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