Joshua Blum
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 52

“The moon shone brightly overhead, blanketing everything in a soft white glow. A perfect moon to accompany all that hunted by night...”In this illustrated gothic fairy tale fantasy prequel to The Thirteenth Hour series, a young hunter seeking shelter from a storm interrupts a novice wizard performing an invisibility spell, accidentally turning the hunter into a living shadow. Although he gains the ability to soar through the treetops of the magic forest that is now his prison, the enchanted hunter is only able to venture out by night, unable to interact with others, and doomed to spend the rest of eternity hunting an elusive, ethereal deer night after night. Help and danger collide when he encounters an injured runaway that he begins to help, though he hides his true self from her. Will his growing feelings for her be strong enough to allow him to brave the light and the pain of the ...
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