W.J. May
Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing
Pages: 1461

Get Lost in Worlds of Fantasy and Awe9 First-in-a-Series stories by 9 top-selling authors Read 9 different first books from 9 different Fantasy (romance) series. We hope you enjoy the books you are about to read and meet some new characters to love! Book 1 by W.J. May – Rae of HopeBook 2 by Chrissy Peebles – Eternal VowsBook 3 by Kaitlyn Davis – The Golden CageBook 4 by C.J. Pinard – Enchanted ImmortalsBook 5 by Kristen Middleton - WickedBook 6 by Karin De Havin – Jin in TimeBook 7 by Natasha Brown – FledglingBook 8 by Emma Shade – Finding ObscurityBook 9 by Kate Thomas – Resounding TruthNote: Some of these books are part 1 and may end on cliff hangers.
Amazon Rating:
4 stars from 18 ratings
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4 stars from 2 ratings