Anthony Metivier
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 105

Ever Asked About How To Improve Concentration And Memory ... ?In How to Keep Your Mind Sharp - Even If You're 90! Anthony Metivier reveals everything you need to know about how to improve memory power and concentration. Memorize Improvement Exercises That Go Far Beyond The NormYou will get everything you need to know about memory improvement, but How to Keep Your Mind Sharp - Even If You're 90! offers so much more. This is your chance to discover exactly what transforms normal people with dull memory and concentration abilities into extraordinary people who succeed no matter what's going on with the weather, the economy or the other pressures of life.The Skills, Mindsets And Strategies Needed To Improve ConcentrationFor most people, a "roller coaster ride" through periods of concentration and good memory and bad controls their productivity. Their minds have stagnated, plateaued and they ...
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