Cody Bennett
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 76

READ FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITEDRadically Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency with These Easy Rules!Managing your time is the essential first step toward getting your life under control and spending your energy and resources wisely.Life gives you 24 hours a day, 8 of which should be spent on sleep. However, with the pressures of modern living, many people don’t manage their time, even though they think that they are giving priority to the things that matter. In fact, everything matters including fun.If you have found that your life is stuck in the rut of all work and no play, then it’s time that you read this book, which will teach you how to turn your life around, so that your priorities are different, but you are still able to achieve everything that you truly want. The 10 self-management habits contained within the pages of this book could just change your life for the ...
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