Joyce P. Reichard
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 34

Super Sensation Selena Gomez's Life RevealedChildren all over the world grow up poor, hungry, and face incredible odds on their path to success. Many of these children are known for perseverance, strength, and courage. Yet, what sets these children apart from others in their circumstances who want the very same thing—a decent life with which the idea of happiness is attainable? What makes one child better or worse than the other? Is it nothing more than fate that sets these ‘miracle children’ apart? Are they just luckier than most? Is it truly about ‘who you know’ or ‘where you go’? Those thoughts are vastly different than what children are taught in schools—that each child can achieve anything they desire. Perhaps it is the strength of this ‘desire’ that catapults a child from their dire circumstances and leads them to the success they wish to have. What You Will ...
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