Jamie Michele
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 223

A fête champêtre hosted by Colonel and Mrs. Dermont is not a garden party to be missed—especially when their only son and heir, Alfred Dermont, is the pride of the Mount. Swept away by the dazzling Miss Amelia Thorwold, niece to a viscount and the darling of Almack's, Alfred is led in joyful ignorance to the altar. Unable to dissuade him, the sisterly Julia Drummond is willing to sacrifice everything to save her beloved Alfred from ruin.Set in the 19th century English countryside, Mount of Hope: A Victorian Tale of Young Love is a reworking of the 1844 novel Young Love by Mrs. Trollope. Originally printed in three volumes and spanning 1,064 pages, Jamie Michele has lovingly abridged and redrafted Mrs. Trollope's forgotten manuscript to make it pleasantly accessible for contemporary readers.
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