Nancy C. Davis
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 230

All seems quiet in Little Hamilton. Pattie is making a success of her Feline Retirement Home, as well as her new Veterinary practice. Thankfully there’s not a crime in sight for the consulting detective to solve.That is, until Matthew Conrad, the village’s local entrepreneur and global media mogul, receives death threats just days before the launch of his new TV series. Worse, the letters seem to come from somebody in Little Hamilton. In a very small community, the chance that Pattie knows the suspect is high, putting her at greater risk than ever. But what ancient secrets is Conrad’s countryside cottage hiding? What is the curse of the golden lion? And at what point should Pattie stop getting involved in the complex, mysterious affairs of others and concentrate on her own desires…?If you love cats, you will love this cat cozy mystery series
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