Charles Lamont
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Addiction RecoveryKick Any Habit - Overcome Any AddictionHave you ever been told that you have an addictive personality? If so, then you need to do some serious introspection, because this is far from a compliment. If you have ever said I’m not addicted, I just really enjoy alcohol, drugs, smoking or even sex and exercise, then some introspection is needed too, because you might have a problem! Life is incredibly stressful, to say the least, and we all seek constant outlets for this stress. Overindulging in anything-even the things that seem harmless-is a problem. It is with good reason that we are cautioned to exercise moderation in all things, for fear of losing ourselves to the dark side. Addiction is definitely the dark side of the moon, one that is incredibly difficult to come back from. How though, can you successfully beat addiction, safely kicking the bad habits that have ...
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