Linda Siegmund
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 55

Divorce Is Life-changing!Are you feeling a great deal of disappointment?Are you feeling unhappy and sometimes even lost, wondering if you ever be happy again?It can be difficult and overwhelming to believe you could ever be HAPPY again. You may even be feeling like a failure. You might think you will never be able to trust again – never be loved again. You may be wondering now what?Great news! YES you can and will be HAPPY again!Divorces are not created equal. Whatever your divorce looks like, it’s important for you to learn how to be happy after the separation. You need to learn how to move on with your life as a ‘single’ person, but not just move on – you need to learn how to find happiness and joy, and build a new life.Read this ebook and gain a better understanding of how you can find happiness!This eBook will help you to learn how to move on after divorce, not just move ...
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