Dan Jackson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 27

Have you ever wondered about firemen? Check out what a fireman wears, what he does on his job, and how he protects us!Children will enjoy colorful photographs and facts of firemen in this expressive book! Part 1 in this series, young readers will: 1. Learn facts about firemen.2. Be curious and ask questions. 3. Develop their imaginations.4. Enjoy a book about protecting and saving others.This wonderful children's book is written primarily for children ages four to eight years old. Targeting beginner readers, the book contains simple text and beautiful color illustrations. Each page includes educational information about firemen.The story is suitable to be read out loud to preschoolers or as a self-read book for beginner readers. Parents: Engage your children's minds by stimulating their visual and communicative skills discussing the topic of this book!
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3.5 stars from 9 ratings
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