Evy Journey
Publisher: Sojourner Books
Pages: 314

What happened to her father, and why was her family forced to flee? For years, these questions plagued Leilani. Fifteen years ago, her mother whisks her children from their privileged life on a Pacific island, without their father and without explanation. Now, all Leilani wants is to dedicate herself to healing people, like her father did.But the past is impossible to run away from. Having learned how to shoot with a dead aim when she was a child, she rescues Justin, a computer nerd nursing a breakup, when thugs assault him on a deserted street. Then a stranger from her old country arrives and her mother is forced to reveal the shocking, shameful secret about her father's role in a deadly political web.Is her father still alive? Is he a hero or a villain? With Justin’s help, she returns to her birthplace in search of her father. Can she forgive her father, accept him for what he is? And ...
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4 stars from 66 ratings
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