Mark Mulle
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 50

GENRE: Children's AdventureAn Unofficial Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book for Kids Age 9-12Brace yourself for an outstanding adventure story that will surely give you the fun, entertainment and excitement you’ve been looking for! He’s extraordinary. He’s creative. He’s smart. He can mine and craft. No, we’re not talking about a human here. It’s Romero, a one of a kind vegetarian zombie. He’s living alone and peacefully in a dark cave. Everything’s working perfectly fine for him, until one day… humans started to appear near his home. They destroyed the surroundings of his property and devastated his beautiful flower garden! The humans started it all, and Romero is determined to finish everything and get his revenge. With his intelligence and creativity, he will scare them off and take them down! He will reclaim his land! But, how exactly can he do it?Is he really what he claims to be as ...
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