Charity Wilson
ASIN: B00VL8M986
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 160

DIY Box Set DescriptionDIY Box Set 3 Bestselling DIY BooksBook 1 DIY Household Cleaning Hacks: How To Be Productive, Efficient And Fast For People Who Hate CleaningLook if I could afford for someone to clean up after my family and organize my house they would be doing it. Chances are you are in the same situation or why look for a book on how to get organized?Whether you do it for yourself or for someone else, there are hacks available that will make life a lot less stressful.Discover These Hacks InsideGet stains and spills of all kinds out of fabrics - without using fancy, expensive or harmful chemical productsDiscover the 7 popular household hacks that don’t work - and why they can even be dangerousLearn exactly which common household ingredients you can use to soothe sunburn, remove a splinter or get rid of scuffs in wooden furniture.Find out what 5 essential tools every DIY home ...
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