Dr. Block
Publisher: DrBlockBooks.com
Pages: 93

Love MINECRAFT?This high-quality fan fiction fantasy book is perfect for for kids, teens, and nerdy humans of any age who love to read epic and humorous stories about their favorite game!Summary of Baby Zeke, Book 1:Zeke was spawned as a baby Minecraft zombie, and everyone made fun of him because of his size.But after meeting Zeb, his full-sized zombie mentor, Zeke learns that he has special powers that will help him survive in his crazy world.When he later meets a chicken named Harold, he becomes a Chicken Jockey. But, a nighttime raid on a village begins a series of adventures that will turn his world upside down....The Baby Zeke the Chicken Jockey unofficial Minecraft books are a must read for gaming fans everywhere!This Minecraft book is also available in audio book and paperback!FROM THE REVIEWS:"It was almost as good as Harry Potter." "I loved the book. I can't wait until I can ...
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