Denny Levin
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Pages: 48

Burrito CookbookGet this Kindle book now for $2.99 and read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or any Kindle deviceLike the Western sandwich, the burrito is a much loved staple of Hispanic cooking that originated as a portable food option. At its most basic, a burrito is a warm soft flour or corn tortilla filled with one or more ingredients and rolled into a secure pocket like package. The term “burrito” has its origin in the word for donkey or mule, and literally translates into “little donkey” in Spanish. Some believe the term was used to described the food packed by those who traveled on the backs of donkeys, or perhaps because the rolled burrito itself appears similar to the rolled sleeping bags and cargo packs donkeys carried on their sides. Whatever its origin, the burrito has become extremely popular in American cuisine in recent years, due partly to the explosion of ...
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