Paige Weaver
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 412

From the highly acclaimed New York Times and USA Today bestselling Promise Me series comes a new story. A standalone novel.A race for survival and love.Once with him was never enough.I am the girl you dislike. The girl you snub at parties. I am the one who flirts with men and knows no boundaries. I am the one you whisper about. The one who has no rules. I am the one who takes and uses without any regret or excuses.On the outside I am perfect. I have money, looks, and a personality that makes people stand up and take notice, but on the inside I am broken and hurting.Then I met Cash Marshall.He wasn’t what I needed, but I wanted him anyway. It was Cash’s carved, muscular body I thought about. It was his cool, confident touch I craved. I swore he would only be a one-night stand, another distraction to take away the pain.But then our world changed.Our story is not about love. Love is ...
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