Richards L. Serena
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 126

Leadership Skills: Motivate, Enthuse and Build Respect Do you want to inspire,enthuse and motivate people to follow your compelling vision? Do you want to make people follow you to the bitter end? ?Do you have problems in persuading and winning people over in challenging situations? Communicate effectively and get feedback? Empower people to grow more and achieve more? Do your actions encourage others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more? The true challenge of leadership is to develop yourself and adopt the leaders' mindset, then take you actual role as leader, molding people's characters, actions and attitudes, improving their skills, enlisting them into your vision and plans, empowering them to take attitude and trusting their potential, motivating and inspiring them along the way, pushing them from behind when they seem to get lost in the difficulty of their missions. ...
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