John Gillingham
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 121

Oliver Cromwell was more than just a fine soldier.A man of outstanding gifts and forceful intellect, he saw more keenly than any other Civil War general the need for a new kind of warfare. He saw that the rules of seventeenth-century warfare, as practised on the continent, were inappropriate to conditions in England and, with a politician's eye, he saw the importance of bringing the war to a swift conclusion.Decisive in seeking battle and ruthless in pursuit, Cromwell's aggressive, Napoleonic style of warfare quickly established his reputation as a military commander of genius. The early years of the Civil War witnessed not only his military apprenticeship — for unlike most of his colleagues and opponents he had no experience of war — but also the forging of the instrument with which the Civil War was won. The cavalry regiments of the Eastern Association and the New Model Army were ...
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