Mark Messick
Publisher: Grizzly Publishing
Pages: 45

Do You Ever Feel Like Your Life Sucks?We all have those moments where the world seems to be caving in.We've all been thrown a curve ball at one time or another.We all know what it feels like to suck.However, you don't have to define yourself by your failures.It doesn't matter how many times you fail.What matters is that you get back up when you fall down.And that's why I wrote this book.I want to show you how to turn your greatest failures into your most legendary successes.I want to show you how to stop sucking!Ready To De-suck-itize Your Life?In this book I'm going to show you my extraordinarily simple 3 step formula to de-suck-ifying your life.Even if you feel like the biggest failure on the planet, these 3 stupidly simple techniques can transform your life.Seriously.This is an immensely straightforward and systematic approach.Not even the most idiotic of human beings to botch this ...
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