Oliver Poole
ASIN: B00W41I49C
Publisher: Reportage Press
Pages: 280

The riveting ‘Band of Brothers’ tale of a young British journalist embedded in a US tank corps known as the Black Knights as they spearheaded the push into Baghdad in spring 2003.Black Knights is an extraordinarily vivid, gripping and moving fly-on-the-wall account of what frontline combat action meant in the first major war of the twenty-first century. Written by a young journalist who was the only British daily newspaper reporter to be embedded with the US army during the operation in Iraq, this book unflinchingly describes the modern face of battle, and the young soldiers who fought in it.The tank and infantry company known as the 'Black Knights' was the first unit in the US Third Infantry Division to engage in combat when, twelve hours after crossing the Kuwait border, it helped seize Tallil airfield. Eight hundred miles and almost a month later, it headed a column that fought its ...
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