Barbara Goss
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 189

Does absence truly make the heart grow fonder? Silas doesn't think so.Courted by Silas for three years, Cassie feels it’s time to move their relationship to the next level: marriage. Silas is forced to reveal a secret past life that must be dealt with before he can commit to Cassie. This secret takes him back to Kansas City where he is forced to face the consequences for his actions years earlier. In order to return to Cassie and Hays, he needs to solve the mystery of the crime and vindicate himself. Meanwhile, after not hearing from Silas for months, Cassie decides to move on with her life. When Silas returns, he has a difficult time coping with Cassie having moved on. Will he ever forgive her, and if so, how? Cassie, while heartbroken, understands Silas's feelings, but isn’t prepared to accept them.All books in the series read as stand alone reads.
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