Jed Christensen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 43

In 2010 Jed Christensen and Nate Marble got the crazy idea to quit their jobs, move their families to Cedar City, Utah to go to college, and support the whole endeavor on the income of a shave ice stand. Everyone in their home town thought they were crazy. As the popularity of The Tiki Shack grew everyone in Cedar City thought they were geniuses.This book details the successful entrepreneurial attitude Jed and Nate adopted to achieve and surpass their goals. It recounts the obstacles and errors they overcame to build a shave ice stand that went from making thirty dollars a day to over fifteen hundred in three short years.There are many books and websites about how to start a shave ice stand, how to make money with a small business, how to maximize profits, but true success requires much more than that. True success means fulfillment for everyone involved. Take a leap inside and learn ...
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