Brent Massey
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 184

Does God speak to us through our dreams? What does the Bible say? How do we go about understanding our dreams?“Interpreting dreams is God’s business.” (Genesis 40:8 NLT)Understanding our dreams is a process of learning to hear God’s voice in our lives. It’s not about psychology or psychics—it begins and ends with the Word of God. The author provides many examples of dreams, his own and others, and how God spoke through those dreams."For years I have been seeking confirmation from a Biblical perspective that prophetic dreams, visions, and leadings are true. Your book explores the subject in depth and validates all of us who experience supernatural communication from God described in the Bible. Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth about your convictions, the wisdom to correctly interpret His Word, and the dedication and perseverance to write this ...
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