angel williams
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Precious and her friend, Nae Nae, are from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and have been friends since they met in kindergarten. They both have their innocence taken at a young age; Nae Nae by her stepfather and stepbrother, and Precious by Nae's stepbrother. At the age of twelve, Precious gives birth to a beautiful baby girl name Shaniya that her parents assume responsibility of since Precious is so young. Nae Nae's parents end up getting killed, her stepbrother, Rick, goes to jail for the murders, and Nae Nae is sent to live with Precious. As time goes on, Precious seems to have everything that Nae Nae wants. Precious thinks they are best friends, or even better, sisters, while Nae Nae is consumed with envy and starts to drift apart from Precious. While Precious has met the love of her life and starts getting money within the the drug game, Nae Nae blames Precious for all her downfalls, and ...
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