Hanif Raah
Publisher: Axiom Core Publishing
Pages: 79

Persuasion - The Subtle ArtHow to influence people to always get YOUR way and what YOU want***Claim your FREE Bonus Book Inside!***The “Art of Persuasion” is synonymous with power. If you have the talent and the skill then you can get whatever you want, wherever you go. We all know people who are excellent at persuasion. They can literally do anything they want, because they know how to get others to agree to do what they want. The applications of such a talent are limitless. It’s like the Providence has placed a magic wand in your hand. Is it possible that YOU learn this art? Is this a skill that can be appropriated, developed and perfected? The answer is a resounding, “YES!”. Anyone can learn this art and anyone can perfect it with the right know-how and enough practice.The question is, would you like to have the power of influencing anyone you want or have them do exactly ...
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