Diane Queenston
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 33

Diane hasn’t seen Cort in years, not since leaving her colony for a university several states away. Though she and Cort had been in love, she’d been “encouraged” to go away and after college, Diane never came home.When Cort runs in to Diane, who has been requested back to town for his crowning, he can’t believe his eyes. The gorgeous curves that won’t end are on the woman of his dreams—the same one who broke his heart years ago. Cort probably should avoid her, but one look at his beautiful friend and her gorgeous voluptuous body and he can’t help being attracted to her .Diane is just as drawn to gorgeous Cort, who is about to ascend to leadership of their werebear colony. She’d expected the soon-to-be leader to have a mate, someone suitable. Someone not Diane. What the elders didn’t know was how she and Cort fought their explosive attraction to each other a decade ...
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