Diane Queenston
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 34

How does a woman who lives for the thrill of victory find burning love with a man who only cares about the art of the deal?Stacey is a tall girl who works at an electronics retailer during the week, but is queen of the roller derby on the weekend. She doesn’t have time for men who can’t appreciate her size and drive to win. She wasn’t expecting a wealthy man from the Main Line to appear at her game one night.Travis had made his fortune in the stock market and needed some relaxation. He went with his administrative assistant to the roller derby games one night because it sounded refreshing. But at the game he’s taken with the rubenesque woman who scores points for her team. She’s full of life, passion and he wants to spend quality time with her.Stacey accepts the invitation by Travis to have dinner with him at his estate. She’s chauffeured all the way out to his mansion. The ...
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