Zac Dixon
ASIN: B00WC6R314
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 141

Acceptance- Love Yourself, Self Love, Self Esteem, Integration & Peace Of MindBonus Inside, Limited TimeOne of the biggest problems in this day and age is people not accepting themselves, the way they look and what they have been given. I used to beat myself up everyday and all these areas and it would hurt me, until I realized nothings going to change unless, I just accept myself the way I am and move forward. This inspired me to write this book just because everyone in this world struggles with insecurities and I am here to help you overcome the BS we tell ourselves :)This book is for anyone that is in pain or on the edge of pain, to change your perception of yourself to a positive because that's the one key that ill change your life forever. I have got alot of great feedback from my personal clients from this book, so go ahead now and enjoy it :) Feel happy today by letting go of ...
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