James Halat
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 129

"The most razor-sharp prose I've read in years." - (Amazon)From an isolated childhood in New Jersey in the 1960s through a harrowing move to a jerkwater town in Pennsylvania and an adolescent discovery of boys, Syncopated Rhythm offers a brutal portrait of an outcast who sleepwalks his days through school and into a series of uninspired jobs and relationships until, one day, he finds himself living in the middle of Tokyo, alone, illiterate, and utterly stunned by his new surroundings.In his first novel, James Halat details the lonely years of detached youth in the raw voice of an unnamed narrator, providing an intimate look into a solitary life, an honest and sobering account of living in a world meant for other people, and the truly heroic hopes that make that possible.
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