Elvo Fortunato Bucci
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 353

Global Conspiracy set to doom USA - Can the nation be saved?The novel "A Perfect War" is a prophetic warning of the devastation that can occur in the United States when we fail to heed the nation’s founding lessons of personal liberty, individual responsibility, and limited government. America is great when America is good and "A Perfect War" recalls the communities of everyday Americans who believe in simple, unalienable truths and who yearn for nothing more than an opportunity to live their lives with the freedom and hope the nation upholds, with faith and trust in a higher calling, and with love and kindness for their families and their neighbors.Foreign powers scheme to devastate the economy of the USA through currency wars and trade exploitation while American politicians do nothing and feebly watch the carnage occurring in the country. Sound familiar? "A Perfect War" reveals how ...
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