Ray Dacolias
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 118

“Unification” is a story about a man, Rymalone, who is drawn into a mysterious opening in the ground—the Source. He falls for a millennium, and when he does exit, he finds that very little time has elapsed on Earth, but now he has hitherto unknown powers, which he soon uses to aid people. However, another man, Lewis, of dubious character, is then taken into the Source; he falls for an even longer time, and when he returns, has greater powers than Rymalone, but then seeks to dominate the world. Now, in order to stop Lewis, Rymalone must return to the Source, willfully enter it, and endure the seemingly endless eons alone. Will he go in, and what will he become, if and when he comes out?“Traveling at the Speed of Love” is about the first astronauts on Mars. The wives of the two men frequently visit the Space Center so they might observe their husbands on the giant video screen ...
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