Bo Jing
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 44

Tai Chi ChuanThis is Your Guide to Achieving Inner Peace, Mental, and Physical Balance“T’ai Chi Ch’uan”, also known as simply Tai Chi, is a form of Chinese martial art, which has been called the physical embodiment of the Taoist principles. While the movements are similar to other kinds of martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan is not for fighting. Movements are done slowly and carefully, while simultaneously practicing careful, controlled breathing. Instead of being used for self-defense, the art is practiced in order to focus a person’s energy, to relieve stress for the body, mind, and spirit. While it is also used to help one practice self-defense movements, it is best looked upon as a more physical form of meditation.FREE Access to Books Inside Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...What is Tai Chi ChuanHistory of Tai Chi ChuanSpiritual and Mental BalancePhysical BalanceTen Primary ...
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