Dan Jackson
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 45

Great book for first reading and early beginner readers Charlie and Sally are looking for something special. They are looking for the letter "a”. It has disappeared. Can you find it?In this colorful book, your child will learn to write, read, and, above all, see letters visually by omission and repetition.With easy-to-understand illustrations, this is a new and fun way to learn. How to use this book: 1. Two pictures of an object are given with its spelled out word. The first picture has all letters included while the second picture omits the key letter of the book.2. Showing the child the first picture and the complete word, turn the page to see the missing letter or letters. Have the child write in the letter, checking the prior page to see what is missing.3. Reiterate the picture and the word so he or she can correlate the picture to the word in his or her mind.4. When seeing the ...
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