CM Herndon
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 270

Ace Executive Protection Services: Safety Starts With UsHer saving grace…Adrian Barr, bodyguard for hire, showed up in Mia’s life just in time to save it. He’s all too eager to accept her offer for dinner as a thank you where he can’t resist drawing her into a deeper relationship. When the threat on Mia escalates, Adrian will do everything in his power to protect her, bringing in his team of bodyguards and the local police to fight back and keep everyone he loves safe.His biggest weakness…Mia has led an easy life until now and though she hates to drag Adrian into her family troubles, she feels drawn to him. With all the danger surrounding her, she’s grateful to him and his unending strength, but worries if it will be enough. Can Adrian and his team help her or is she doomed to fall to the hands of the people who have a twenty three year old grudge against her family?
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