Vicki Graybosch
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 327

Catching killers may be the easy part! Chicago Homicide Detective, Nick Stryker, responds to a murder at a birthday party and finds himself in the middle of chaos. An aging hit man, Frankie, makes a simple mistake by inverting the numbers in an address. When he realizes he killed the wrong person, he panics. His attempts to cover it up start a mob war. Bodies are showing up everywhere. A chance encounter leads Nick and his team to discover an even greater threat has been unleashed on Chicago and on Nick personally; the secrets of Building D.Throughout the chaos, Frankie lies to survive and kills to protect the trophy he has guarded for forty years. No one can know what’s in the blue cooler. Lock the doors, feed the pets, and clear your calendar for a few hours. It’s going to get ugly…..
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