Melvyn Stiriss
ASIN: B00WH77F98
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Pages: 84

CAUTION! This book may blow your mind. It will at least make you laugh and give you an authentic sample of the energy, vibes, feel and mindscape of the Sixties, focusing on thirteen years living as a "voluntary peasant" in America's biggest, most-influential commune, The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee, a grand experiment in spiritual collective living.The whole 13-year grand social experiment comes to a head.An entertaining enlightening fun read and an important piece of history. How to make it through dangerous changing times and live a good life. Stories of extraordinary personal and group transformation.Like now, the 60s were dangerous, challenging times. Millions of minds changed. Movements were born. Folks moved back to the land.Leave the ordinary behind. Let your head soar free and take a trip—a 60s trip over the edge and back. Melvyn Stiriss takes the reader on an extraordinary ...
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