Belinda Jones
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 500

Cafe Tropicana has 180 five star reviews on Goodreads! From Sunday Times Top 10 bestselling author Belinda Jones with Love...Ever dreamed of owning your own cozy cafe or coffee shop? Ava Langston thought her ideal location was a vintage arcade in Bath, England until her realtor father calls and invites her to explore Costa Rica - the land where the coffee beans grow! Here he makes her an offer she can't resist: running her own beachfront cafe. What he didn't mention is that she'll be competing with sexy Santiago for the deeds. She also wasn't counting on zip lining through the rainforest or tiptoeing among the green turtles but this trip is full of surprises, secrets and romance - as well as innumerable caffeine-fixes. But what will become of the Starbucks-crossed lovers? Read on to discover if they can find a whole latte love...Tea lovers will enjoy THE TRAVELING TEA SHOP, also by ...
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