Tracy Higley
Publisher: StoneWater Press
Pages: 107

An epic quest across the sands of ArabiaIn the exotic lands of the east, a secret sect of Persian magicians study the night sky for generations.When the stars announce a strange royal birth, Misha, a first-level mage, is ready to prove himself by chasing down this new world leader.But then an ancient document surfaces, whispering of an artifact of immense power. The temptation to seize power is too great to resist.And Misha is not alone in his quest. The king’s general Reza seeks power to fulfill his mysterious destiny, and both he and Misha have their eye set on the Egyptian princess Kamillah, who will do anything to gain the artifact that could break her bondage to the sorcerer Zahir.The soldier, the mage and the princess each has a secret to protect. But if they are going to survive the dark forces warring for their prize, they must learn to trust each other—in what will surely ...
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