Janel Gradowski
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 35

From USA Today bestselling author Janel Gradowski comes a tasty holiday treat...Amy Ridley is excited to be participating in the Holiday Celebrations Competition to kick off her Christmas season in Kellerton, Michigan. Local cooks are set to compete for prizes then serve their best party dishes to holiday revelers. Amy has her eye on a special prize, but she has a difficult time concentrating on creating a perfect party buffet when a plague of problems begins to whirl around her. Can Amy figure out who is sabotaging the competition in time to create a prize-winning tablescape and take home the ultimate Christmas gift? **Recipes Included!****This is a short story of approximately 12,000 words/22 pages**Culinary Competition Mysteries:Pies & Peril (book #1)Chicken Soup & Homicide (book #2)Christmas Canapés & Sabotage (short story) Doughnuts & Deadly Schemes (book #3)Barbecue & Bad Juju ...
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