Scott G. Halford
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 248

A Wall Street Journal bestseller!Axiom Business Book Bronze Award WinnerPush your brain to full power, for success at the office and at homeWould you like more control over your life and your work?Would you like greater stamina as you carry out your daily tasks?How about more significance and meaning as you move forward in your career?Scott Halford shows us how we can all find these things if we simply understand how to activate the full potential of the brain. This incredible organ is still full of mystery, but we know enough to harness its power better than ever before. We just have to recognize how the brain works, and understand the actions we can take to help it perform at its best.Combining research, anecdote, and inspiration, Activate Your Brain shows you how small steps toward better brain function and management can eventually lead to success on a whole new level. Each chapter ...
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