Rose Pressey
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 217

The dead want Ripley Van Raden’s attention. Two of Ripley Van Raden’s favorite things are books and ghosts. Not necessarily in that particular order. Rip, as her friends call her, guides people on a haunted tour through her hometown of Devil's Moon, Kentucky. Ripley is also a librarian by day. That’s where the books come in. Of course it’s no surprise that the library is haunted too. The ghost of the first librarian roams the stacks of Bilson Library, sending Ripley text messages and emails. That’s the only way the ghost knows how to communicate. It's a good thing Ripley has the unlimited data plan. When a famous author comes to town for a book signing, he’s interested in seeing some of the spookier sides of Devil’s Moon. Ripley takes him to a haunted house that’s rumored to be haunted by a woman who places a curse on anyone who has the misfortune of walking through the ...
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