Mike C. Adams
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Pages: 122

4 BOOKS IN 1 :Urban Gardening Guide: Learn to Grow Medicinal Herbs and Spices to Help You Lose Weight by Mike C Adams is a great little book filled with tips to learn how to transform your backyard into an herb garden. Self-help is big these days with the high cost of health care and groceries. It is a fact that our health condition is directly related to the diet we eat. If we learn how to grow herbs that help to treat issues like needing to lose weight we can control and alter our bodies through herbs and food. In this book you will find a listing of twenty herbs, which include tips for growing, and tips for how the herbs help with weight loss. You will learn which tools to use to successfully grow the herb garden. Herbs are a natural alternative to medications in helping the body to be healthier. Indoor Gardening: Indoor Vegetable Gardening for Beginners by Mike C Adams is a great ...
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