Lauren Orsini
Publisher: Orsini Bowers Media
Pages: 249

If you’ve ever wanted to start an anime blog—or you have one, but you’re not sure how to take it to the next level—this book is for you. Starting a blog can be the first step to changing your life. The way anime blogging in particular could change your life might look a little like this:• Turn anime-viewing from an individual hobby to a platform where you share your passions with an audience just as interested as you are;• Score review copies from publishers, watch shows first, and have your voice and your opinion on a show matter;• Make friends with other bloggers and commenters on your blog, whom you can chat with on Twitter and hang out with at conventions;• Make a side income from advertising or affiliate programs while expressing yourself in a way that doesn’t feel like work;• Create a springboard for other opportunities in the anime industry.In this book, you'll learn tips from me ...
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