Jacky Gray
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 207

Mmm. Shoot an apple off his friend’s head or lose his food, horse and clothes? Some decisions require little thought. Archer is the sort of boy things happen to. Orphaned as a baby, his gifts make him different to other kids. He doesn't understand why he's so much stronger and faster than other boys; why a sword feels so right in his hand; or how every arrow he looses at a target will hit the centre, even if his eyes are closed.At the Beltane ritual, he must fight his friends to see who is most worthy. But his real battle is with an enemy whose callous disrespect for the natural order brings dangerous consequences.This swashbuckling romantic fantasy will appeal to fans of action-adventure, jousting and magical realism.Interview with the Author:Q. What’s this about a prequel series? A. I’m so excited about this. Called Nature’s Tribe, these stories go right back to 14th Century ...
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