Gloria Gay
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Pages: 329

Rescued from near-poverty by her uncle, who welcomes Celia Meade and her family to his huge estate, Celia must now contend with the dangerous jealousy of her uncle’s daughter, Caroline, who sees Celia as a threat to her ambition to become the Countess of Shelton.Caroline’s hatred of Celia began when Celia attended her aunt’s funeral and Caroline noted the immediate attraction between Celia and Caroline’s choice for a husband, Robert Shelton, Viscount Merrick. Running into each other again in the woods that adjoin Lord Merrick’s property the attraction between Lord Merrick and Celia blossoms into love in the warm days of summer. Enraged that Lord Robert’s sister encourages her brother by planning trips and picnics with Celia, Caroline calls a meeting with her father and Celia, and extracts a promise from Celia to not see Lord Merrick again with the threat that she will force ...
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